Monday, March 09, 2009

$10 CVS GC Giveaway at Frugal RI Mama

I visit my local CVS a couple of times a week, and Walgreens at least once a week. I don't even remember what I did for fun before I started couponing and CVSing. I think I'm more consumed with the thrill of the hunt than I am with saving a few dollars. I do know that CVS is more enjoyable than Walgreens because I have to avoid a couple of Walgreen employees who hate, hate, hate coupons or letting anyone walk out of the store with something they got for free. Instead of just scanning coupons, these 2 individuals carefully read each coupon. I feel like screaming when they do that. Why don't they just scan the coupons first, and if the register beeps, then they can read them. When I notice either of those people working my Walgreens' front register, I turn around and walk out. This never happens at CVS. The ladies that work the registers at my CVS usually make a comment like, "you did great" or "nice savings today!" I could just hug them for making my CVS visits a happy experience.
If you love CVS as much as I do, head over to Frugal RI Mama and enter her giveaway for a $10 CVS GC. Here's the link: Good Luck!

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