Saturday, February 28, 2009

Barefoot Mommy is hosting another great giveaway: A car seat

Recaro makes these really safe and comfortable car seats. I was happy to read that they were designed with side impact protection for the safety of our children. Combine safety and comfort and I say you have a real winner! Thanks Barefoot Mommy for a chance to win a Recaro car seat. Click on Recaro to read more. Here's the link to Barefoot Mommy's giveaway:

Giveaway at The Giveaway: The Neatest Carseat Ever

I just entered a giveaway at The Giveaway for the neatest carseat I've ever seen. It's the Combi Coccoro Car Seat, and it comes in great colors. These carseats are modern, bright, compact, lightweight, safe, and oh so gorgeous! I am smitten! Go here to enter:

200 coupon giveaway at Once Upon a Qpon

Once Upon a Qpon is a must for frugal coupon users. This blog offers links to rebates, freebies, samples, and more. Believe me, you will save money by following this blog. Here's the link:
Look around the blog and then enter the giveaway for 200 coupons! I just did!

$50 Walmart Card giveaway at Frugal, Freebies and Deals

FF and D has some exciting news and a generous giveaway! News first: Frugal, Freebies and Deals is featured in an article in the March Redbook along with three other families. The article deals with the effects of the recession and how these families are dealing with it. Exciting! Ok, now for the giveaway. It's a $50 GC to Walmart. I rely on Walmart to get me through my day to day budgeting, so I'm jumping on this giveaway like a fly on...well..on something. Here's the link and good luck to all - FF and D

Win a V-Moda Vibe II Headset at Frugal Rhode Island Mama

Frugal RI Mama is having a great giveaway that I know I could really use. First, if you haven't visited her blog go here and start reading. She's all about saving money - coupons, sales, surveys, giveaways.... Her advice is sound and she writes well. I know I have saved money by just reading her blog, not to mention I am now taking surveys!
Back to the giveaway. If you love your iPod or other mp3 player as much as I love mine, but you hate those tiny earbuds, then this is a giveaway for you! The V-Mode Vibe II headset is comfortable and stays in well. They are compatable with Apple products and retail for $128. So, go enter here Frugal RI Mama. Good luck.

9 DVD's to Giveaway

I'm giving away nine (that's right, nine) slightly used DVD's. By slightly used, I mean watched once or twice at the most, and all in original cases. In fact, I know my daughter watched five of these DVD's only once and declared them "too young." So, I'm offering them to you as a giveaway. Here's the list:
* Brother Bear - This is a 2 disc special edition of the Walt Disney epic animated adventure with songs by Phil Collins. A boy is magically transformed into a bear and must literally walk in the footprints of another. Personally, I loved this one.
* Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus - A 3-D adventure complete with three pairs of 3D glasses. A typical Barbie movie. Little girls would absolutely love this.
* Barby Fairytopia - another typical Barbie Movie, Barbie travels to Mermaidia to save a friend.
* The Jungle Book 2 - More adventures with Disney's Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera.
* Eliose - Disney movie based on Eliose At The Plaza. Gotta love that spunky Eliose!
* Kangaroo Jack - This one's rated PG. The story of an Australian 'roo who is the ultimate prankster.
* The Shaggy Dog - The other PG rated DVD in this bunch of "G's". Tim Allen stars in this Disney Movie. Hilarious and perfect for young dog lovers.
* 101 Dalmations II - Patche's London Adventure. You know the classic Disney dalmations, so you get the picture. This one's animated with the voices of Jason Alexander, Martin Short, and Barry Bostwick.
* The Land Before Time, Journey to Big Water - I think the Land Before Time Movies are great and this one follows the original cast including Littlefoot, Spike, Petrie, and Bigfoot.

That's it, the list of nine. All suitable for children. Here's how you can enter:

1. Tell me your favorite movie of all time. Or you can tell me your child's favorite, I don't mind.

2. For another entry, blog about this with a link back here.

3. For a third entry, tweet with a link to this giveaway.

Thanks, and don't forget to leave an email address.
I'll pick a winner randomly on March 21st.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

$550 Coupon giveaway at eBay Selling Coach

I'm going to give you the link for eBay Selling Coach along with a word of advice. If you have any thoughts whatsoever of selling on eBay, go to her blog immediately. Read. Learn. She's eBay savy, a woman with a brain for making money and finding bargains. I visit her blog daily, and have no intention of stopping. She's giving us all a shot at winning $550 in coupon too. Gotta love that! Here's the link: eBay Selling Coach
Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little People Wealth Giveaway: $90 in household products we could all use

First, let me say that Little People Wealth (button to the right) has helped me save money in several different ways. I am now trying Ebay, thanks to some of her hints. Her posts have led me to freebies that I would have missed otherwise, and the Walgreen and CVS tips are a must for me. I don't have to do all the matching and thinking stuff, I just go to Little People Wealth and it's all laid out for me. OK, now for the giveaway information. Here's the site link: Go now. Enter. You just might win $90 in household products!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Huge Birthday Bash Giveaway at I Never Grew Up

I Never Grew Up is having a Birthday Bash of giveaways and the party is on! It is the one year aniversary of the blog and there are logs of great giveaways to help celebrate. Plus, this is one great site complete with giveaways, parenting tips, crafts, reviews, and more. I am happy to have found this blog!
Here's a list of all the birthday giveaways:
* Hoover Platinum Collection Stick Vacuum...what's not to love!
* Tiny Sprouts $50 GC...sweet site with everything from blankets to outfits
* Natural Pog $50 GC...use it for some of the neatest toys around
* Simple Shoes...a pair of boys or girls shoes, very eco friendly
* A Papers Edge...giclee print, very neat
* Usborne Books, $50 a homeschooler this would be heaven to win!
* Lovely Duds baby wrap/sling...handmade, beautiful jersey wraps
* LuCoo Kids T-Shirt....amazing designs
* 90 Words Per Minute dress...a giveaway for moms!
* Poot & Boogie (a name that is applicable to our home,sigh)cute doll custom made to look like your child
* Kiwi, 1 year subscription...great parenting magazine filled with advice
* verymeri tee....such cute shirts designed by kids for kids
* See Kai Run pair of shoes...gorgeous, flexible children's shoes
* Dilly Dally Bibbies, big bib for big messes
* Super hero cape from Plum Pear Apple Designs
* KitchenAid Stand still my heart! Do I ever love this mixer!

Can you believe this list? Good luck!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Slanket and Peek giveaways at Seeryus Mama

My house is cold and has been for a couple of months. Everyone else thinks it feels OK, but I'm cold. We're cutting back on expenses, so the thermostat is down, down, down. brrrr I'm thinking a Slanket would feel really nice while I watch TV or knit or read! I entered to win one at Seeryus Mama and so can you. Go here:

While you're there go to the Peek Giveaway and enter that too. A Peek is that neat, little device that allows you to text and read email no matter where you are. Yep, you could be in the Badlands and check your email! Where exactly are the Badlands??

A Bissell ProDry Carpet Cleaner giveaway and review at Mommy Brain Reports

Here is a product I need as much as I need a new vacuum cleaner(which is a lot!). It's the Bissell Prodry Carpet Cleaner. Why? I have 5 dogs. That says it all.
For a chance to win this little beauty go to Mommy Brains
While you're there, read her posts and reviews. She has good advice, writes well, and is funny. Us Mommy's gotta stick together.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Win A Hoover Wind Tunnel at Extraordinary Mothers

My vacuum cleaner sucks...well, it actually doesn't suck, that's the problem! I would love a new vacuum, it's just not in my budget right now. So, I'll try to win one at Extraordinary Mothers is giving away a Hoover Wind Tunnel and you can read all about it at her review: Go enter!

It Started with a Kiss, Kristen's Palace, is giving away $30 in gift certificates

In my opinion, gift certificates are the cat's meow. I love them, can't get enough of them. Kristin is giving away $30 in Gift certificates for Kohls, Starbucks, and Victoria's Secret. Here's a link to her blog: Go enter, and while you're there take a look around her blog and do some reading. She's a twin, funny, and writes well!

Life Starring Ellie and Eve Giveaway...a Kajeet!

I just entered a contest to win a Kajeet, something my daughter would absolutely love! She's 14 and is dying for her own cell phone. I think she's too young for a cell phone, but a Kajeet isn't just any old cell phone. It's specifically for teens and tweens. It has a tracking device and you pay as you go. Go here to enter: Life starring Ellie and Eve

Little People Wealth Mary Kay giveaway

Little People Wealth, a blog that really helps me save money, has
a great new giveaway - $104 of Mary Kay products!!! Yep, you read that
right, $104! The giveaway is a Timewise Miracle Set to a lucky reader! You will need to choose between combo/oily or normal/dry skin. So, go. Enter.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mom Most Traveled takes us flying with a new giveaway!


Mom Most Traveled is giving away a neat flyin model plane! I would love this because my daughter and I could fly it together, in the house even! How fun would that be! To check out flying model plane features and things to do with them go to:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GERRITNOW has 2 great giveaways, luggage and High School Musical

I was looking at the various giveaways available and I went to Gerritnow which I read daily. I let out a happy noise when I saw a giveawaw for Eddie Bauer Bridgeport luggage, 6 piece. My daughter came over and I showed her GERRITNOW's High School Musical 3, extended version DVD giveaway and she gave a happy noise with a little dance. We are both excited about these giveaways, and I bet you are too. So get to it. Enter at

Barely Domestic Mama's 100th post giveaway

Barely Domestic Mama is having a celebration giveaway for two gift certificates! One GC is for Starbucks $10 (yummmm) and the other is a $25 GC to Bath & Body Works (love it!) I can just smell both giveaways! Coffee and scented lotions! awwwwwww life is good! Enter here Barely Domestic Mama

Seeryus Mama Giveaway: A Peek!

OK, I've seen several giveaways for Peeks, and guess what? I want one. I want one bad. Why? So I can keep up with my kids in college. Or bug the heck outta them. Either way, I really want one! When I chose our cell phone plans, I tried to save money by only getting the text feature on the kids phones. Now I wish I had included my phone, but I didn't. Sigh. Back to the Peek.... You can text and email from anywhere with these little babies. Go read about them and enter to win one at Seeryus Mama Good Luck.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The best slowcooker ever giveaway at Ohana Mama

Oh me, oh my, go look at this slow cooker. I feel like I dreamed this up myself. A slowcooker that cooks an entire meal thanks to a divided insert. It has a stainless steel base and looks great. Want to win one? I do! Go to Ohana Mama and enter! Ohana Mama Blog

Ebay Selling Coach is giving away coupons again!!!!

Ebay Selling Coach is once again giving away coupons! This time she's giving 4 winners 400 coupons. That's EACH, as in four winners each get 400 coupons! I'm trying very hard to learn the CVS/Walgreens/Couponing game, and these coupons would really come in handy. I have learned lots from the Ebay Selling Coach, and not just about Ebay. Go look around her blog and you'll see what I mean. She writes well, and her advice is top notch! Here's the link Ebay Selling Coach

Pizza Hut Tuscani Lasagna Dinner Giveaway at Reviewin' It Up!

If you want to learn about all sorts of products, go to Reviewin' It Up! I visit this site once a day to see what's hot and what's not. Today I was there to enter a giveaway for a Pizza Hut Tuscani Lasagna Dinner. All I can say is YUMMMMMMM...that and go enter!

Monday, February 16, 2009

80 MPH Mom is giving away one of the best reusuable shopping bags ever!

I have found a reusuable shopping bag that I plan to order. I am ordering only one, in hopes I'll win one to go with it! This bag has long handles, a zipper pouch, holds up to 35 lbs., and is cute as can be. It's the Tucker Bag, Designer Reusable Grocery Bag, and Eighty MPH Mom is giving one away to three of her readers! So go enter at While you're there, take a look at 80 MPH Mom's great blog. She posts reviews, giveaways, coupons, and great advice for us moms!

SIMPLE is giving away a Kajeet

I know what you're thinking...What in the world is a Kajeet? It's the neatest cell phone designed for children and their parents. It has great safety features that allow parents to control who their children text and talk to, as well as a GPS device built in. AND it requires NO contract, just pay as you go! Go read about it at the Kajeet site: Then go over to s.i.m.p.l.e., a great review/giveaway/coupon/savings etc. site with something for all of us frugal and not so frugal moms. Heres the link (If it doesn't work, copy and paste please)

The Dirty Shirt is givingaway a Sylvan 4th Grade Workbook

I'm a homeschooling mom, and I can use all the help I can get my hands on. This giveaway is age perfect for my daughter! It's a Sylvan workbook and I would love to try a Sylvan product! If you want a chance to win one too, go to The Dirty Shirt at Good luck!

Jamie's Precious Peas is giving away a pair of Bobux Shoes

For a chance to win a really cute pair of soft, children's shoes go to Jamie's Precious Peas The shoes are made in New Zealand by a husband and wife team. They are called Bobux, and they look super comfy and cute. Go, enter!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Win a CVS $25 gift certificate at Great Deals Everywhere

I look for CVS deals each and every week. I found a chance to win a $25 GC to CVS and I wasted no time entering it. If you want a chance to win, go here: If link doesn't work, copy and paste please.

Fun Box giveaway at My Reason(s) to Blog

Yesterday I had fun giving away a shoebox of goodies to a nice nurse in Michigan. Today I had fun entering a "fun box" giveaway for a box filled with lots of new items such as candles, coupons, and Motrin. In addition, the blog, My Reason(s) to Blog, is really fun and interesting! I enjoyed looking around Joy's blog, and I read posts about other giveaways, her son's college scholarship, and some good, frugal advice. Go enter her contest! Here's the link and if it doesn't work, cut and paste please.

$24 Amazon Gift Certificate giveaway at $avings makes Cents

For every holiday or celebration that requires gift giving, I go to Amazon first. I buy all of our books, electronics, games, and movies from Amazon. For example, I just sent my daughter (in college) a camera case that she had been wanting. I ordered it from Amazon and had it sent directly to her. It was at least 10% less than store prices, and that 10% covered the cost of shipping (not to mention, I didn't have to ship it to her!) I usually order enough to reduce the shipping to "free" or nearly free. So when I saw a chance to win a $25 GC, I jumped at the chance. And now you can too. Here's the link: Copy and paste if the link doesn't work. Oh yeah, after you enter look around this great blog. $avings makes Cents has tons of great hints and advice for saving money, not to mention a few tasty, thrifty recipes like Pizza Pasta Salad!

Kitchen Aid Coffee Grinder Giveaway at Not the Jet Set

My Kitchen Aid Mixer is one appliance I refuse to do without. My mom gave it to me for Christmas three years ago, and I consider it the best present I've ever received! Why? Because I use it almost daily. I cook and bake, not only for my family but for my aging parents as well. Kitchen Aid makes several great products, the mixer just happens to be my favorite. But I wouldn't mind having the Kitchen Aid Coffee Grinder. For a chance to win one, go to: While you're at the Not the Jet Set site, read some of the great posts for frugal ideas and fun. I especially loved the de-junking series, fun and inspiring! If the link doesn't work, copy and paste please.

Another Reusable Shopping Bag Giveaway from A Giveaway Addicted Mom

Here's another reusable shopping bag giveaway: To read about these great shopping bags go to the Reisenthel site, I'm all about shopping and I would love to win a reusable shopping bag!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Play mat giveaway at 3 kids and u

Cricket and Monkey is offering one lucky reader a travel/play mat of their own. This versatile padded mat can be used for various activities: from Mommy-and-Me classes to “tummy-time” play and for picnics and beach outings. An oilcloth backing makes clean up a cinch and measures 36in x 36in. Go to Cricket and Monkey to see the pretty mats and paterns. After you take a look at the mats, go enter the giveaway at 3 kids and u

Giveaway Winner!

I have randomly picked the winner of my shoebox giveaway. The winner is Jenna, a nurse from Michigan!
"" Jenna said...
What a great giveaway! I am going to be working at the hospital on Valentine's day. I will give away free hugs to my patients if they want them. Thanks!""

Jenna has been emailed and I hope she gets back to me with her address! I put a little something extra in the shoebox because everyone loves a nice surprise!

Reusable Shopping Bag Giveaway at Mudpies and Mary Janes

I really, really want a reusable shopping bag or two, or three! I want them because my college age daughter has the cutest one decorated with little animals of some sort, and she fills it full of junk. Everytime she comes home I see that bag, and I swear it holds 275 pounds of stuff! So, I want one too. I really do. For shopping but also for carrying stuff around. Anyway, if you want one or if you have one and need another, go to and enter to win a great Baggu reusable bag. While you're there, look around. It's a great blog full of reviews and giveaways and interesting posts.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Auntie Thesis gives away a Flip Note

Before I get started complaining about my bottomless pit of a purse, I'm giving you the link to a great blog that is offering us all a chance to win Flip Notes. What is a Flip Note, you ask? It's a neat, metal, spring-loaded case that holds a note pad and a retractable pen. And I want one. And so will you when you see the beautiful cases. Now, about my purse. It's a disaster of a disaster and I'm always complaining about it. I need organization and pouches and pockets and...well the Flip Note!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mom Dot Reviews is giving away an Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer

And just what is an Exergen Temporal Scanner? It's a non-invasive way to take your child's temperature. Here's how it works:
1) remove the probe cap 2) place the probe flat across the center of the forehead. 3) while holding the button down, slide the probe across the forehead to the hairline. 4) read the digital temperature display.
Read about it on the Exergen site,
Here's where you go to enter:
Good Luck! If the link doesn't work, cut and paste please.

Ebay and a Shell Gift Card Giveaway at Ebay Selling Coach

My experience with Ebay is a direct result of a blog I have recently started reading. The blog is Ebay Selling Coach and here's the link for her giveaway for a Shell $25 GC:

This giveaway is brought to you by an Ebay power seller and mom-preneur who is willing to share her Ebay secrets with you and me. Take advantage of her generousity and knowledge. I do! Thanks Coach.

Victoria's Secret Giveaway at A Family Completed

I love Victoria's Secret, just walking in the store makes me happy. All those pretty, silky, good smelling things! To win a $50 GC go to While you're there, look around A Family Completed's blog for some fun. If the link doesn't work, cut and paste please.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seeryus Mama is giving away a SmartShopper

By now you have probably seen the SmartShopper reviews by various bloggers. It's this portable grocery list organizer that prints out your grocery list. It has voice recognition and is small enough to fit in your purse. Don't you think it's great? I do and I want to win one so I'm going to enter at: Seeryus Mama will be happy if you enter too! If the link doesn't work, cut and paste.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Gift Basket Giveaway from Jamie's Precious Peas

That's Caring is a company that makes gift baskets that are environmentally friendly. They make several different themed baskets. Go read about them here: and then go enter at Jamie's Precious Peas: If the links don't work, cut and paste please.

A Bedroom Giveaway from SITS

Sleep, wonderful sleep! Seems like I can never get enough, and here's a giveaway from The Secret is in the Sauce that will help make sleep even more wonderful. What do you win? A LOT!!! Here's the list:
Sheet spray, lotion and candles
A set of wonderfully soft and luxurious spa towels.
$30 Gift Card to Target for anything we missed.
Winner's blog will be our Friday Favorite the first Friday of March!
A set of 2, count em, 2 memory foam pillows
AND, best of all, a 500 thread count sheet set (you pick the size)
WOW, is this a giveaway or what?
So, go enter! Here's the link (cut and paste if it doesn't work):

Starbucks' Giveaway at Clay Hill Farm

If you want a chance to win a $25 Starbucks' Gift Certificate, go on over to Clay Hill Farm and leave a comment or two. Here's the link and good luck!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Goody Box Giveaway

So, as I was washing the breakfast dishes (and I'm not gonna mention the time...cough, cough, 6 pm, cough) I began thinking about the giveaways being offered by bloggers around the internet. Since I have won a couple and I always want to give back, I decided I should have a giveaway of my own. I had an empty shoebox just sitting on the kitchen table, don't ask me why it was there, and I decided to fill it with a few new, never been opened items that I had on hand. If you're interested, I'm giving you a chance to win my shoebox. These are the items in my shoebox: 1) a bottle of Oil of Olay hydrating lotion. I have loved Oil of Olay for years! 2) A mini vacuum cleaner for your computer keyboard. 3) a Totes Key Finder. I can never find my keys, or sometimes my car but that's another story. 4) A car pillar pocket to hold your cell phone. Did I mention I can never find my cell phone? 5) A Clorox Bleach Pen. I will randomly pick a winner on February 14th.
** All you have to do to win this goody box is leave a comment with an email address. In that comment tell me if you're doing anything special for yourself or someone else on Valentine's Day. I'm making a heart shaped cake for my family and we're all going out to a movie.
** For an extra entry, go hug your kids and tell them you love them. I trust you, just tell me in a comment that you did some hugging.
** And if you want to mention this giveaway in your blog, leave a link back here and you can have another entry.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Barefoot Mommy has great giveaways!

I love the Barefoot Mommy blog sites. The three I visit regularly are Barefoot Mommy, Barefoot Military Mommy, and Barefoot Naughty Mommy (oh la la). So what does the Barefoot Mommy have going on now? Some really cool giveaways, that's what! First, here's the address to Barefoot Mommy: . While you're there, check out all of her giveaways and reviews. I learn a lot from those reviews, and I plan to learn a lot more. A giveaway that I just entered is for $200 worth of Giella makeup . I also entered a generous giveaway for a cute pair of Pediped kids shoes . And that's not all. Enter for a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to Kangaroodle, a one stop mom shop with tons of neat stuff to pick from. I especially liked the unique gifts for mom and the organic shop is the best. To read more about Kangaroodle go to So, go. Start entering. Hurry. If these links don't work for ya, cut and paste please.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Briana gives us all a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate

Briana at Bargain Briana is generously giving us all a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Home Depot. I love Home Depot and go there for all sorts of things, including Christmas decorations, lamps, gardening supplies, and household fixtures. If you enjoy Home Depot as much as I do, and I bet you do, go enter this giveaway at . If the link doesn't work, cut and paste. Good luck!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Win a Dirt Tamer V2400 at Jolly Mom

Jolly Mom has done it again! She's offering a wonderful product, the Dirt Tamer from FilterStream. Here's the scoop on the Dirt Tamer:
Notable Features:

Vacuums dry or WET spills.
The Dirt Tamer has a revolutionary, patented 3 stage HEPA filtration system.
The Dirt Tamer captures 99.97% of dust, pollen, bacteria and other allergens down to 0.3 microns in size.
Bright headlight allows you to find dirt and dust easier.
LED light indicates when the batter y is low and when the battery is charging.
Wall mountable charging base & 3 cleaning tools (patented extendable cleaning wand/crevice tool, squeegee & upholstery brush).
The V2400 includes one HEPA filter and one washable/reusable foam filter.

To check out the company and more product information go to: Be sure to visit Jolly Mom and enter. Here's the link (if it doesn't work, cut and paste):

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

SmartShopper Giveaway at Grab Bag Reviews

If you're anything like me, your mind is almost always spinning with all the things you need to remember. Well, there is a great little device called the SmartShopper that will help you remember and organize your grocery list. It even prints it out and has voice recognition. Want to try to win one? If you do, and I do, go to Grab Bag Reviews and enter! Here's the link If it doesn't work, cut and paste please.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Gift Certificate to Carraba's Giveaway from MomReviews

Who wouldn't love a night out? We have had very few of those the last few months due to high utility bills that have taken all of the money that we budget for entertainment and extras. This giveaway is for a $50 GC to Carraba's. If you've ever been there you know they have delicious Italian meals and great service! To win the gift certificate go to: . If the link doesn't work, cut and paste please. Thanks to MomReviews for this generous giveaway!

Win a Canon Powershot at Gerritnow

I just found this great giveaway at GERRITNOW, a bargain and giveaway blog. The prize is a Canon PowerShot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera. Since my digital camera was taken, an accident I'm sure, by my daughter as she headed off to college, I could sure use this! To learn the details, see a picture of the camera, and visit a neat blog go to: If the link doesn't work, just cut and paste. Good Luck!

VTech Phone Giveaway at the Dirty Shirt

If you haven't visited the Dirty Shirt blog, I encourage you to do so.
This blog is filled with reviews and giveaways, and the author writes really well. Her latest in a long line of wonderful giveaways is a VTech cordless phone. Here's some info on the phone:

DS6121 Cordless phone system with digital answering device and caller ID

DECT 6.0 Digital technology provides the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones
Interference free
Digital answering system
Handset speakerphone
Key Features

DECT 6.0 Digital technology provides the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones
Caller ID/call waiting*—stores 50 calls
Handset speakerphone—enjoy hands-free conversations
Interference free for crystal clear conversations
Protect yourself from identity theft with digital security

So, if you think you would love to win this as much as I would, head over to . Good luck. If the post doesn't work, copy and paste please.

Win a Slanket at Jolly Mom

Oh, how I long for a Slanket on these cold, cold afternoons in front of the TV or working at the computer. A slanket is like a blanket but it has arms like a sweater.
If you want to see what they are and read about them, go to You'll find the giveaway at Jolly Mom, a great blog of reviews and products that I read daily. "Mom Time in '09: Stay Warm with The Slanket" is the post and here's the site: If the links don't work, cut and paste. Good luck!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jump Snap, Ropeless Jump Rope Giveaway at Jolly Mom

Yes, you read me right, "Ropeless" jumprope. It's one of those
great electronic devices that will help us lose weight and have fun
doing it. To enter go to: Cut and paste if the link isn't
working. To read about the Jump Snap go to:
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