Saturday, April 28, 2007

Prom Time

My daughter went to her senior prom tonight. She looked so pretty! The day started with her hair appointment and then a trip to pick up her date's boutonniere (I guess they still call it a boutonniere). Then it was time to do nails. Last year she went with her friends to have them done at a salon. This year they did each other's nails and makeup. I think they really enjoyed the girly primping time together. I drove her to her date's house at twenty after four. Usually the girl gets picked up, but we live 30 minutes from her boyfriend and we were already in town. Besides, it is a big deal now for the parents to gather at one house and take pictures of the couple all gussied up for the prom. Several couples were gathering for pictures at a home near the boyfriend's house, so it was easier for me to drop my daughter off. When I was young, parents did not go from house to house taking pictures of the prom couples. Anyway, after pictures were taken, the couples go out to eat at nice restaurants. The prom starts around 7. When it's over, the kids go to afterprom parties that last all night. They are coed and invitations always say something like "parents are welcome to drop in at anytime to visit with the adult chaperones."
I have been through many junior and senior prom nights with my kids. I always worry because so many teenagers drink on prom and graduation nights. My daughter promised to call me when she got to the afterprom party. I won't be able to sleep till I get that phone call.

1 comment:

dot said...

It's a scary time for many parents. Hope she enjoyed her prom and that everything went ok.

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