Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter Eggs today. It was just my youngest daughter and me, but we had fun. Years ago, my sisters and I would get all the kids together (usually at my house) on Good Friday to dye eggs. We had such fun and acted so silly. There was always more dye on little fingers than on eggs. Now, all my nieces and nephews are grown (or almost grown). My mom always joined us, and I'm sure she's missing those fun times too. My daughter made one orange egg today with the letters UT (University of Tennessee) on one side. We took a picture of it and emailed the picture to my son. He goes to Vanderbilt, but he's always been a huge UT fan. My oldest daughter is going to UT so we also emailed a picture of the orange UT egg to her. We spent the rest of the day eating jelly beans and chocolate.


Dot said...

What a cute daughter! Glad you had a fun day.

Moobear said...

Hi Marci,
I am glad you had a good Easter. Your daughter is just precious. We had our grandaughter home for Easter and enjoyed her so much.
Oh and we pull for UT in women's softball and also women's basketball. Glad to see the women take the championship this year!
Have a great day my friend!

Teresa said...

Moo, Yes, I was really thrilled to see the Lady Vols win the championship again. My daughter looks like she would fit right in with your family! Isn't your daughter-in-law from China?

Moobear said...

Ooops I messed up! Was early when I commented, sorry I know you are Teresa and Marci is Marci, lol.
My thinker just wasn't working, I even forgot my meds last night.
Yes hon, my daughter in law is from China, she first came to Canada and then to the states. Cynthia, our grandaughter was 4 when our son married Siliva and Cynthia will be 12 in July. Her mom still prefers Chinese foods, but Cynthia is like Moobear, she likes good ole southern cooking. lol.. I knew you had adopted two daughters, btw how is your older daughter doing? I hope she is better. I have been keeping her in my prayers. Take care and I am sorry I boo booed. Have a good evening my friend.

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