Friday, February 06, 2009

Barefoot Mommy has great giveaways!

I love the Barefoot Mommy blog sites. The three I visit regularly are Barefoot Mommy, Barefoot Military Mommy, and Barefoot Naughty Mommy (oh la la). So what does the Barefoot Mommy have going on now? Some really cool giveaways, that's what! First, here's the address to Barefoot Mommy: . While you're there, check out all of her giveaways and reviews. I learn a lot from those reviews, and I plan to learn a lot more. A giveaway that I just entered is for $200 worth of Giella makeup . I also entered a generous giveaway for a cute pair of Pediped kids shoes . And that's not all. Enter for a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to Kangaroodle, a one stop mom shop with tons of neat stuff to pick from. I especially liked the unique gifts for mom and the organic shop is the best. To read more about Kangaroodle go to So, go. Start entering. Hurry. If these links don't work for ya, cut and paste please.


Dee said...

I'll have to enter all of these! Thanks. Dee

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. I hope to spend a couple of hours today entering giveaways and I'll add these to my list. Lisa

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